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Rolling 'core' version? - soocki - 20th December 2017

Hey, good to be here, at last.

I have just installed the 'core' Deb-Ian version and I am impressed, well done. A long time openbox@archLinux user, looking for a modern KDE-based alternative, here I am.

The concept of a 'core' installation where you are equipped with a 'bare-enough', usable system and get to decide what extra components are to be installed very much appeals to me. I would like to have an opportunity to give an Arch-based 'core' slimmed-down version a spin, unfortunately there isn't one, hence my question(s):
  • is this concept hard to implement? where do I start if I were to implement/develop such a solution? (small tap in the back and pointing in the right direction would be quite sufficient here)
  • is there a comprehensive list of differences between the 'core' and a 'full' version?
  • could such a concept version of 'netrunner-running-core' be based on bare Arch instead of Manjaro?
Once again, thanks for the Netrunner, great job.